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"Words from clients"

"I have never felt so beautiful as in Lina's videos and photos. With her gentle and confident personality, she will call out your soul. And that's how it becomes truly genuine and beautiful."

Ingela Palmquist

"I call Lina 'the queen of light'. Her images have that soft, magical shine that makes you want to be right in there, where the image was taken. She somehow always manages to make her objects shine from within, and has a magical ability to bring out the best in people in front of her lens. And that is how I would describe working with her - Magic."

Silje Dubey

“When you work with Lina you won’t see a camera or a journalist in front, but an honest artist waiting to capture your true self, and if you let yourself take that challenge the results will be nothing less than a blueprint of your core personality, which is unique and making you different from others.”

Janesh Vaidya


"Thank you so much for a lovely experience, 

and comforting guidance throughout the photoshoot. You are amazing."

Frida Lundin

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